Beekeeping Workshop

A Beekeeping Workshop at the New York Open Center

The New York Open CenterWe’re excited to announce a special beekeeping workshop series we’ll be putting on in partnership with The New York Open Center, called Beekeeping: A Hands-On Workshop.

What’s on the agenda for this Beekeeping Workshop?

Beekeeping WorkshopThis series will consist of 4 meetings at The Open Center, the first starting on February 15th. We’ll cover general concepts in bee biology and behavior, basic techniques in beekeeping, and hands-on experience at a local bee yard. We will also discuss ‘Next Steps’ for those seriously looking into establishing a hive. All information is geared toward urban beekeeping, however most concepts can be applied to suburban and rural beekeeping.

For more information and to claim your seat, please visit Beekeeping: A Hands-On Workshop at

Questions regarding class content may be directed to us at Questions regarding enrollment in the class should be directed to the Open Center.

Hope to see you there!

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