How can we help you?

Monthly / Seasonal Service
We offer hive maintenance visits as needed, depending on the time of the year.
Training / Mentorship
Get one-on-one training and mentorship or join us for one of our many classes scheduled throughout the year.
Beekeeping Rentals
We offer rentals on some beekeeping equipment. We’re always expanding our offering so let us know what you need.


For more information on pricing for any of our services, please email us at
Honey Extraction
Forget the sticky mess. We will extract your honey for you. We can also bottle & label it.
Swarm Rescue & Removal
If you have an unwanted swarm or hive, let us know. We will capture and relocate the colony safely and responsibly.
Host A Hive
Have some rooftop or backyard space? Host one of our fully maintained hives and share in the honey produced.